Return/Exchange/Refund Terms


Return/Exchange/Refund will not be entertained for the merchandise requested for return/exchange/refund AFTER 30 days of Order Date. Misrepresentation of the condition and state of the merchandise requested for return/exchange/refund will result in immediate refusal of the processing and the associated return/exchange/refund.


At HKOnlineMall, we will accept merchandise to be returned/exchanged/refunded only when they are being processed for a return/exchange/refund due to damage arisen from shipping or handling process. If you have received a damaged merchandise and need to send it back for a return/exchange/refund, please contact us at: and we will process your case promptly.


Only merchandise purchased directly from will be considered for the return/exchange/refund.


If you're eligible for a refund, we will issue a credit to the VISA Account which is used in your initial/original transaction, after all the necessary and required money amount deductions of costs accordingly for the whole handling process should there be such apply.


Limitation of liability: HKOnlineMall's liability, if it is so held despite the Terms and Conditions of Use, to the User in relation to HKOnlineMall's goods and/or services, shall be limited to the amount of the price paid by the User for the relevant goods and/or services.


We hereby reserve the right to refuse any return/exchange/refund on merchandise if it is not legal and/or not applicable to our Company Policy.




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